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Welcome everybody !

My name is Marek Zima. "Zima" means Winter, so this is the reason, why I have created such a domain name (web page) for applications, utils, tools, ..., etc. developed by me.

The Winter Storm.COM (it's me still) ...

... is bringing the utilities (applications) - especially to MAC users - which will help you to do some computer operations much more easier. These utilities are bringing the power from computer experts (professionals) which are able to do that operations on terminal command line (sometimes as one command line) to the usual users. (Those applications will be placed on Apple App Store as well, when they are accepted by Apple.)

... is bringing some modules for some CMS or E-SHOP web applications based on Apache, PHP and MySQL.

... is preparing an iPhone applications like games, tools etc. which will be placed on Apple AppStore (When they are accepted by Apple).

Contact Information

Need help? Have a question? Have an idea to improve one of my apps? For feedback and product support, send me an email and I will respond as quickly as I can.

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